Chiefs vs. Broncos Recap

(photo courtesy of Montee Ball's (28) two touchdowns secured the 27-17 victory over the Chiefs
(photo courtesy of Montee Ball’s (28) two touchdowns secured the 27-17 victory over the Chiefs

Peyton Manning had a stellar performance Sunday night against the Kansas City Chiefs. He threw for 323 yards and one touchdown without getting sacked or picked off all night. He played through the game with a sprained ankle, but left the field without a trace of a limp. The Broncos 27-17 victory over the Chiefs has tied the Broncos and Chiefs records at 9-1 atop the AFC west division.

Denver’s offensive line, including Chris Clark and Orlando Franklin shut down Tamba Hali, Justin Houston and the rest of the Chiefs number one rated sack-thirsty defense who have a league leading 36 sacks. The only time that Peyton Manning was touched by the Chiefs was in the first quarter when Denver’s running back, Montee Ball, fumbled the hand off from Manning, which resulted in the Chiefs linebacker, Derrick Johnson, recovering the fumble. After Johnson recovered the fumble he was headed for a touchdown, which would have given the Chiefs a 7-3 lead, but Manning lowered his shoulder and tackled Johnson, saving the touchdown. The play immediately following the fumble was a pass to the Kansas City fullback, Anthony Sherman, which resulted in another fumble. Three plays after, manning had his longest pass of the night when he spotted Demeryius Thomas down the sideline and hit him for a 70 yard pass, which set up Manning’s only touchdown pass, a nine yard pass to Julius Thomas which put the Broncos up 10-0.

The Chiefs defense, leading the league in points allowed with 12.8, stood strong against the Denver’s number one scoring offense (41.2), but they did not have what it took to stop Denver. Denver rolled over the Chiefs’ defense going 79,65 and 62 yards down the field for their last three scores of the night, resulting in their 27-17 victory. Montee Ball finished two of those three drives with a one yard and eight yard touchdown to secure Denver’s victory.

The Chiefs just don’t have an offense built to compete in a high scoring quarterback shoot out. Alex Smith put up 230 yards with two touchdowns. He passed to one of his receivers, Dwayne Bowe, on four passes for 57 yards. “We didn’t do a good job offensively. That’s my responsibility.” Kansas City’s head Coach, Andy Reid, stated.

The two teams meet again on Dec. 1 and will likely see each other in the playoffs too. 

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