Trendy Stores: Fall Fashion

October has ended and for this fall season its time to change up your style! Confused about what to wear for this new season? Well there are plenty of stores and fashion styles pit there to keep you on trend!

You can go to places like Hollister, that has awesome So-Cal looks, with cozy apparel for upcoming winter, or beachy styles. They have two sections for both Boys (Dudes) and Girls (Bettys) and also have a sports wear sections, as well as accessories to finish off your look. This is a very trendy and stylish store that also has very reasonable prices.

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Another store that has a lot of the latest styles and also offers many different brands that feature in the store is PacSun. This store has your basic ‘California lifestyle’ clothing, but also has a men’s and a shoes section. The brands vary from Van’s, NikeSB, Diamond, Hurley, etc,. And the new arrivals for Kendal and Kylie, and the major fashion house inspired from Los Angeles lifestyle, Brandy Melville. All brands and styles from PacSun, range from your cute loose fitting clothes, to soft warm sweaters, and latest trending outfits for both men and women. You can shop for your shoes by style, with all of their selected choices that can really then compliment your look.

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Another new and big in trend style is CottonOn with its inspired Australian lifestyle look. This store as well offers outfits for both men and women, with a little bit more of an edgy-style. They have tons of knit-wear, dresses, pants, sweaters, etc. They offer lot of basic clothes and very simple, comfy and trendy look. To best describe their look, it is similar to the H&M store, and Urban Outfitters, with some variations. They have very cute clothes and are not overpriced. It is an awesome store, especially on the right budget. They have a very attentive sales staff, and it is said that they will be opening up more stores for Cotton On in the Bay Area.

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