SF Turns Into Gotham City

Photo courtesy of NyDailynews.com
Photo courtesy of NyDailynews.com

Today, San Francisco will be turned into Gotham City for Miles Scott, a five year old Leukemia survivor.  The Make-A-Wish foundation will grant Scott his wish to be BatKid for a day.  His all-time favorite superhero, obviously, is Batman.

To help make Scott’s dreams come true, not only did about 12,000 people reach out, but the wide-spread word via social media made his wish go viral. After seeing his picture, and reading his story, agency managers from various social media sites all knew this would turn into a huge event. Shortly after his story was put out there, a page on Facebook called the ‘Batkid Photo Project’ allowed people from around the world to post comments and pictures supporting Scott. Fighting Leukemia ever since he was one years old has already made Scott a very strong and brave superhero on his own, and after four years it is not only a dream for Scott, but a celebration of his endless fight. “This wish has meant closure for our family,” Scott’s mother Natalie Scott shared in an interview with the foundation.

A Bay Area acrobat, Eric Johnston, will be playing Batman himself, as he assists his sidekick, Scott (Batkid). Sue Graham Johnston, Johnston’s wife, will be playing the role of the damsel. They have had everything set up with all different characters and recorded wrist bands to project messages, with the help of Greg Suhr, a police chief. Graham Nolan, the co-creator of the villain Bane and contributed a lot of his drawings to the Batman series in the late 1990s. A couple days after hearing about Scott’s wish, he drew an amazing short story, where Batkid will face off Bane, and signed it off for Scott. The young boy knows that he will be on a Batman adventure, but has no clue of what and how big this event will be.

The Make-A-Wish foundation hopes that this event will touch Scott in a way that he will remember for the rest of his life.  “He is about to get a personal, action-hero adventure like no one has ever had before, and he deserves it,” Johnston says.

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