Teen Drinking


By, Gabriel Ramos

Alcohol is one of the most used drugs in the United States and it causes tragedies like car accidents, D.U.I.s and deaths among adolescents. Binge drinking is one of the biggest problems among teenagers today. It is really important that teenagers follow the law and do not drink untill they are 21.

There has been a study that says the younger a person starts to drink, the more of a chance they have to become a alcoholic once they grow older. This is mainly because at their age is easier for them to become addicted because they are young and naive, but alcohol is not something they should get used too. Family is another factor in teen drinking because in some cultures it is natural for teens to drink at an early age because parents or family are the people who introduced them to alcohol.

On the other hand more college students o young adults drink more because once they get into college it is easier for them to obtain alcohol because they have friends or connections with people who are 21. Also some colleges have weak enforcement and do not have many restrictions with alcohol and most students abuse this privilege or fault.

There has been a study that states the younger someone starts to drink the more impact it has on their brain because their brain has not fully developed yet. Some of those effects of alcohol are blurred vision, memory loss, and difficulty walking. These effects can be devastating to developing brain. Since raising the drinking age to 21, more than 600 deaths and suicides have been prevented.

Alcohol was meant to be used by mature adults, not developing teenagers. Schools should talk more about alcohol and its effects on the teenage brain. Additionally, parents should set limits and be open with their kids about the effects of alcohol.

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