Sara Bareilles

Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter
Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

By, Bridget Pocasangre

Sara Beth Bareilles is an American musician and singer-songwriter born in Eureka California. She is Italian, German, Portuguese, and French. She speaks Italian and has lived in Italy for a year. At 18,  Bareilles graduated from high school went to the UCLA and studied Communication Studies. She spent her spare time time writing poetry and songs based on the environment around her. After graduating, Bareilles spent the next three years performing at open-mike nights to help her build  her confidence as a musician. In 2003, She released her first demo called “Careful Confessions.” Since she co-produced this demo, she became interested in recording techniques making her want to make more music. In 2005, Bareilles signed with Epic Records. She worked with producer Eric Rosse and released her album “Little Voice” in 2007. From that album, the single “Love song” was listed #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 year-end chart on 2008 making it one of Bareilles’ biggest hits from that album. She toured for the next two years. Bareilles began writing new songs she later released Kaleidoscope Heart in 2010. She toured the album the following year. In the fall of 2011 she was a judge for NBC TV competition “The Sing-Off.” After the show ended in 2012, Bareilles recorded an EP “Once Upon Another Time.” She toured in 2012 and began writing more songs for her new album. In 2013 she released her fourth album called “The Blessed Unrest.”

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