The Baseball Off Season 2013: Preparing For The 2014 Season

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By, Nick Der

The 2013 off season was filled with excitement, anticipation, new contract deals, new teams, more money, defending world champs, and so much more.  The Boston Red Sox won the World Series no more than two weeks ago and there have already been talks of major changes for teams.  Top-name players have hit free agency and many teams are showing an interest in them.  Top-name players like Robinson Cano, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Shin-So0 Choo, Carlos Beltran, Nelson Cruz, Mike Napoli, Lance Berkman, Andres Torres, Paul Konerko, and many more are all eligible for free agency.  Many teams are keeping an eye out for these big name players and are offering them deals already and we’re not even a month into the 2013 off season.

The San Francisco Giants have already made some major changes to their roster this off season.  They have already declined club options to Barry Zito, Andres Torres, Ryan Vogelsong, and Javier Lopez, putting them in free agency.  Now with a open starting pitcher spot, the Giants look to hopefully acquire veteran pitchers, who are also free agents, like Bronson Arroyo, Ricky Nolasco, Dan Haren, and Tim Hudson.  The Giants are also showing an interest in free agent catcher Brian McCann, who would replace Buster Posey, if Posey needs to take some time off as catcher.  This could call for a potential position move if the Giants are serious about signing McCann, which can move Posey to third base or first base.  The Giants are also looking to bring up some top prospects from the farm (minor leagues) and fill in the starting infield and outfield positions.  The Giants have also recently resigned pitcher Tim Lincecum for two years, worth $35 million, and towards the end of the 2013 Giants season. The Giants also resigned right fielder Hunter Pence for five years, worth $90 million.

There will also be some new managerial jobs assigned to some teams.  Detroit Tigers coach Jim Leyland, retired this season after being eliminated by the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS (American League Championship Series).  So there are rumors that a new manager will be assigned to the Detroit Tigers.

Also during this 2013 off season, there have been many award nominations for different players of different teams.  Some awards include NL MVP, AL MVP, NL Cy Young, AL Cy Young, NL Rookie of  the Year, AL Rookie of the Year, NL Manager of the Year, and AL Manager of the Year.

This 2014 season is bound to be filled with changes involving players changing teams, new contract deals, and so much more.  Players will use the off season to get ready for spring training, which will lead to the preseason, and then the road to the ultimate destination for all teams will commence.

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