Should Teens be Having Sex?


By, Alhfa Escobar

Sex is everywhere. It’s in advertisements, it’s on television and it’s taught in schools. There is no way to hide sex from teens.

According to the Guttmacher Institute by age 17 almost 48% of U.S. teens are having sex. If teens are going to have sex, they should be smart about it. Teens need to consider whether sex is something they really want to do or if they want to wait till they have found the right person.

Dr. Allen Waltzmen, a psychiatrist, states that ” sex is everywhere, and its absolutely explicit.” One can tell their child to not have sex, but lets face it, as much as you tell a teen not to do something it goes in one ear out the other. Many parents think that they can prevent their children from having sex , but the reality is that all a parent can do is talk to their child about having sex and give them advice on what to do if that time comes. Sex can bring many wonderful things, but it can also bring a horrific shock to your life like an STD, which can put your plans on hold for a very long time.

Parents think they know what is best, but do they really? Parents watch over their children as much as they can , but they can’t watch them 24/7. Parents need to be able to trust their children to make the right decisions. If your child chooses to have sex , your jobs as a parent is to let them know what they need to do to be careful, and to do it responsibly and be safe above all.

Teens, if you really do care about with who you have sex with, make sure its with someone you will not regret giving up your virginity to. It all comes down to one question: are you ready?

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