How to Stop Procrastinating

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By, Tyler Tsang

Procrastination is a problem that affects many students negatively. It can result in lower grades, failing tests, and loss of productivity. Procrastination is caused by poor time management and distractions from an urgent task that needs to be done. Waiting till the last minute to do essays, studying, and other urgent tasks causes lower grades because they are not done in a thorough, well thought out detailed manner. Follow these steps to increase productivity and to stop procrastination.

1) Find out what is causing your procrastination. Make a list of the daily activities you do after school. Record how much time you spend on each activity. For example, if you watch TV or play video games record how much time that is taking of your day.

2) Create a list of urgent tasks that need to be done. Include the date that each task needs to be completed by. Estimate how long these urgent tasks will take you. Make realistic expectations of how long the process will be to complete certain urgent tasks.

3) Make a daily schedule. This schedule should show the activities and tasks that will happen from the beginning to the end of the day. Include the times it will take for each specific task and activity. Now that you have your lists of activities and urgent tasks it is important to dedicate time to the most urgent tasks in your schedule.

4) Follow the schedule. Limit your time on less important activities including TV, video games, and social media. Focus on your goal of completing your most urgent tasks by avoiding the distractions of less important activities. Make your schedule into a checklist to show your progress of what tasks have been completed and what tasks still need to be done. Following these steps will result in an increase of productivity and an end to your procrastination. These steps can also be used outside of school related activities when tasks need to be done for your job. Organization, time management, and goals is the key to increasing productivity and ending procrastination.

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