Get Ready for Penny Wars!

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By, Brianna Browne

It’s that time a year again, time to help others without expecting anything in return, but wouldn’t it be nice to help others and possibly win a doughnut party for doing so? The Interact club is having penny wars again and it starts on Thursday, Nov. 14 and will be ending sometime before winter break.

How penny wars works is that each advisory will get a bin that hopefully the class will fill up with pennies. Then at the end of penny wars the advisory with the most pennies will win a doughnut party. All the donations will go towards Interact’s Adopt a Family program. Adopt a Family is a program where families who can’t afford to buy presents for the holidays write letters to someone who is willing to donate and will read their list and buy them items for them. The Interact club worked with this same program last year and  helped four families. Interact members have said that it was an amazing experience to help people in need. This time of year is a very happy and important time and with all the donations Interact club can get with the help of the Oceana community, they could be helping five families wake up knowing that they will have presents for the holidays.

Bring your change starting Thursday and help make a difference for a family in need!

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