Why To Choose The PS4 Over The Xbox One

Photo courtesy of trustedreview.com
Photo courtesy of trustedreview.com

By, Alex Lau

The next generation of home entertainment is around the corner. With two new systems being released later this month, lets take a look at three reasons why to buy the PS4 over the Xbox One.

1) Xbox One vs PS4 cost:

The Xbox One will hit retailers in the U.S. on Nov. 22 while the PS4 will be released on Nov. 15. While the dates are not too far off, the starting prices are. The Xbox One system is priced at $499. On the other hand, the PS4 will be sold at $399. While both systems include a single controller, the Xbox One will cost $100 dollars more. Even though the Xbox One is being sold with the Kinect system, $100 dollars is still a large sum of money.

2) Game Policies:

Previously, the Xbox One restricted gamers by requiring online checks every 24 hours and bans on used games. After receiving massive amounts of outrage, Microsoft has changed their policies. Both the PS4 and the Xbox One will offer no-restriction on pre-owned games. In other words, users will be able to buy, sell, play, and share used video games. Now, even though the policies on the Xbox One have been changed to compete with the PS4, Microsoft’s sheer audacity in planning to sell the Xbox One with heavy restrictions on gamers proves that they only care about sales.

3) Online services:

The Xbox One will be using the Xbox live gold membership fee for online services and game play. The PS4 offer free online access for both video games and media sources such as Netflex or Hulu. Similar to the previous reasons, the Xbox One is a system designed on making as much money as possible, instead of providing the best home entertainment system.

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