Homework: Good or Bad?


By, Katie Donner

The amount of homework that students are given and required to complete in such a small time frame is not healthy.

As experts continually debate the benefits of homework numerous studies prove that homework is detrimental to the student because it gives them increased and unnecessary amounts of stress and anxiety. A study from the University of Virginia found that assigning a lot of homework does not really improve student’s grades or test scores. A Duke University study believes that homework is beneficial to a student’s learning and that there should be two to three hours of homework every night for students in high school. The study also states the benefits of homework also increase when students enjoy what they are learning, which is not the case for most high school students. Despite this study, there are few benefits to excessive amounts of homework.

Some teachers have stopped assigning homework just because they truly believe that is does not help the student in the learning process, especially on top of a seven hour school day that they are already exhausted from. Rhonda Lochiatto, a fourth grade teacher in Volusia County, Florida, does not require homework, but she has homework as an option for students to practice on what they might be struggling with, as she told CNN’s Kelly Wallace. The availability to practice is just what the students need. Having a teacher who is willing to offer one-on-one help really enriches the student with the opportunity to get a better education because they are better able to process the material and truly understand it.

Homework has also been known as just “busy work” for students and then it escalates to more busy work for teachers and then teachers complain about all the work that they have to grade. Having no homework or very minimal homework would help not only the students, but the teachers as well. Students would have more free time for after-school activities, family, and just life in general. Teachers would not be bombarded with insane amounts of work to grade, which seems like a never ending job.

In conclusion, homework is unnecessary and not useful. It negatively affects too many people and there is no good results in the outcome.

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