Dear Panicked


Dear Annie,

I am a Senior at Oceana High School. I focused most of my time in AP classes over physical activities, socialization, and friends. I am going to college soon. I regret not being open to people since freshmen year. I regret not joining clubs to make friends. I fear that I will never be able to enjoy my life. I fear that I will be a loner forever after high school. I fear that I will have less chances to make new friends. The college I may be going to will be focus only on education. My parents told me that I should focus on education and not do any clubs or sports. They told me that I won’t have time to do any activities, but education. Sorry for putting all this out and sounding desperate, but I just don’t know what to do in this panic situation.


Dear Panicked,

You may be surprised, but a lot of people at Oceana could potentially be in the same boat as you. I know many people personally that have never joined any clubs or sports, but they still have friends. I hate to be blunt, but the friends that you make in high school very rarely last after you graduate. Don’t beat yourself up for not joining any clubs and being kind of to yourself. Sometimes you just need to do that! You don’t need 5 million friends to be happy, as long as you have a handful of real friends that you truly love being around and having fun with, that’s all that matters. College is supposed to be fun! Don’t listen to your parents about everything they say about college. They need to let you you go out on your own and while that might be really difficult, it’s going to have to happen eventually, so it might as well start now, especially since you’ll legally be an adult when you start college! Even though your college is going to be focused on education, I can guarantee you that there are going to be clubs, and people who want to have fun, and people who feel exactly like you. College is supposed to be about having fun and going to parties and just breaking all the rules (and of course, studying and doing homework and going to class) but just live a little! Yes, school is important, but so it your sanity and how you feel about yourself. Promise me that when you start your first day at your new school, that you will just do you, but be the fun you. Have fun, don’t be serious 110% of the time. Make friends in your classes and have study dates during the week, but also go out to the movies on Friday nights or go to the huge house party at the sorority next door. If need be, start doing it now in high school! First semester is already over and there’s tons of social activities that you can participate in and maybe you’ll find someone that a lot of the same interests as you!

Just have fun with it.


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