Global Warming


By, Alex Lau

Global Warming is a threat. With the constant increase of the earth’s temperature, the polar ice caps are starting to melt. If these ice caps melt, the earth will be flooded. Global Warming must be prevented at all cost.

According to the New York Times, the current sea level will rise by one to six feet. With this increase in sea level, people living by the coast will be impacted. According to the same study, most of Miami, Florida will be flooded due to this increase of water level.

Global warming is due to the use of greenhouse gasses that have destroyed part of the earth’s atmosphere. Most of the greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuel in cars, and factories, and from electricity production.

Co2 usage has become a prominent part of society and a prominent cause of Global warming. According to a report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Co2 usage has increased by ten percent since 1990 due to the increased mileage from motor vehicles. Co2 emission are projected to increase by another 1.5% by 2020.

People who do not support Global warming argue that it is nothing more than a hoax, a scare tactic, but according to the New York Times, 95% of all scientists have agreed that temperature has risen within the past 30 years. Global Warming is happening.

Global warming is an issue with no guarantee solution. It is an issue with long term problems and any solution will need a great deal of change in the world and society. The best solution scientist have is the use of alternative energy.

Scientists are currently trying to implement alternative energy sources to replace the use of fossil fuel and limit Co2 emission. The most promising alternative energy source is solar heating. According to the REN21 Renewable Global Status report, at the end of 2011 total global capacity of solar hot water and space heating was 232 gigawatts of thermal energy.

Solar energy offers new option for heat. In developing countries, the overwhelming majority of the energy consumed is provided by fuel wood, which is generally the cheapest fuel option available. Fuel wood is the main energy for cooking for most of the developing world, and is  the primary source of energy for over two billion people. Yet burning wood releases greater amounts of Co2 then energy produced.

Solar energy can replace wood. Solar takes advantage of improvements in materials, computing and nanotechnology in ways other options cannot do nearly as effectively. Solar also has a wide variety it can expand on, from rooftop generation in places like California, to off-grid and micro-grid energy in often-sunny developing countries. Having moderate sized markets to grow in will help improve technology and bringing costs down. Solar power peaks when it is hot, exactly when people want to crank up their air conditioners.

Global warming is an issue and the sooner society can stop producing Co2; the sooner scientist can fix the damage from Global Warming. Fossil fuel is producing our C02 emission, so alternative energy is a major discussion. Solar energy is the solution.

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