How To Choose an Interim

(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)
(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)

By, Tyler Tsang

Need help on deciding which interim to choose this year? There are many interims to choose from, and some students may have trouble with deciding which interim they want to participate in. It is important for students to know which interim they want to choose because they will be doing the interim for an entire week. They should not get stuck with an interim that doesn’t interest them, but rather make the choice to participate in an interim that they will enjoy the experience and learn from. Follow these steps to make the best choice about which interim is right for you.

1) Decide on what type of person you are. Are you creative? Do you enjoy the outdoors? What hobbies or activities do you enjoy doing the most on your free time? This will help with making a decision about what type of interim you may want to do. Think about the types of activities you are interested in learning and experiencing for a week.

2) Make a list of the interims that interest you the most. There is a wide range of different types of interims for people’s specific interests. For example, if you are interested in the outdoors and the environment, there is a BioBlitz and Camping interim where students will document species of plants and animals, or there is a interim where students will explore the Golden Gate National Recreational Area. This is only one example of the many interims that are offered this year. Another example is if you are a creative person the choices range from Digital Design to Creative Video Production.

Examples of lists:

Outdoors: BioBlitz and Campling, Exploring Golden Gate National Recreational Area, Life on a farm, Outdoor Education

Creative: Art Studio, Creative Video Production, Digital Design, Jewelry and Crafts

3) Choose your favorites, or top three  interims from your bigger lists of interims that you are interested in. Now that you have a list of interims, it is time to make a decision.

-Read the information on each of the interims you are thinking about.

-Think about the pros and cons of the interims you have looked at. It is an important part of the process to look at pros and cons, which could be the cost of the interim, the types of activities, food, etc.

-The cost is also an important factor in deciding because you should decide if  an interim is worth the money to participate in. You should also discuss with your parents or guardians how much you can afford to spend on an interim. There is a variety of choices when it comes to the cost, there are free interims like Creative Video Production and Digital Design, and there are also more expensive interims like Sojourn to the Past, so between all of these, you should be able to find something in your budget.

This should determine whether or not those interims are right for you and something you would want to do for the week.

After these steps you should have narrowed down your choices to the interim you are most likely going to participate in. These are important steps when it comes to choosing an interim. Make sure the interim you choose is something fun and an experience you will learn from. Some students will try something completely different from what they are used to, others will choose the same interim because they enjoyed it that much. Trying something new and different is a interesting learning experience and trying something you are familiar with is fun because you already have experience and idea of what is going to happen in the interim. Interim is a once a year opportunity to do something you enjoy and have fun with.

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