Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Don’t have an idea of what to wear for Halloween tonight?

Here are some quick last minute costumes that you easily can throw together, mostly using clothes, accessories and make-up that you already have. You now have no excuse not to dress up tonight!

If you are a hunger games fan go as Katniss Everdeen. To start off this simple and easy look, you want to make sure you have the same style and outfit as this character in the movie. All you need is a black V-neck, a black windbreaker (even a black jacket will do), olive green pants, and combat boots (black or brown). For the style you want to keep it natural and put your hair in either a dutch braid or a side braid. To top off the outfit, you can even buy the mockingjay pin or a bow and arrow to really make your costume obvious. All of these are things you might even have at home, but they are also very inexpensive purchases and will come out as a great last minute costume!

Photo courtesy of Anytime Health
Photo courtesy of Anytime Health

You can be Miley Cyrus!

If you’re feeling bold (embrace you inner Miley!), you can easily rock the wild and stylish look featured in her her video for “We Cant Stop.” This look is also easy and inexpensive, but very fun. What you need for this outfit is to wear all white; white leggings, white shoes and a white crop top. Although the outfit is simple to put together, make sure you get her hairstyle just right. This tutorial shows you how to create Cyrus’ hairstyle.

Photo courtesy of She Knows
Photo courtesy of She Knows

Be a Creepy Doll!

With this costume you can be a little more creative. As long as you have your makeup that obviously shows the look, you can put together your own outfit to coordinate with your makeup. The cool thing about this last minute look is that your makeup will look creepy yet you can still look girly and not too scary. In this makeup tutorial, you can see how the creepy doll look is defined and is really easy to do.

Photo courtesy of Makeupbymandy24
Photo courtesy of Makeupbymandy24

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