New Artist: Austin Mahone

Photo courtesy of Hype Magazine
Photo courtesy of Hype Magazine

By, Sarah Marasigan

This 17 year old singer, born in San Antonio, Texas, started singing and sharing his videos on YouTube at age 14 in 2010. Gaining more viewers and subscribers over the years, Mahone reached up to 20 million views on his videos. Growing up, Mahone was very interested in music. One of Mahone’s biggest inspirations would probably be Justin Bieber. He follows his same style of music and he even did a remake video of Bieber’s “Mistletoe” in 2011. Soon after in the fall of 2012 Mahone was signed to Republic Records. He eventually focused more on his career and took a break off school.

With then release of his first single “11:11” in the same year, Austin blew up bigger than expected.  “While I was in Chicago for a birthday party, I decided to do a little meet and greet, I tweeted for everyone to meet at The Bean. I thought there would be ten fans. A thousand showed up, and the cops had to shut it down. That was the moment when everything changed.” Austin tells Contact Music in an interview.

Since then Mahone has come an incredibly long way. Not only does he have a solid fan base that’s nicknamed his “Mahomies,” he has gained 1.5 million Twitter followers, 545,000 YouTube subscribers, and over 96 million views without a record label or team. Now having been signed to a record label, people are in for a big surprise with more music in the making. Upcoming events include Mahones “Red Tour” as well being featured on Taylor Swift’s Tour later this year. With the help of his team, they have decided to change up Mahone’s sound a bit to be more of a “modern version of 90′s pop.” “What About Love” was the first song to be released from his debut album, of which the title has yet to be decided, but is planned to be released after December 2013. Mahone is becoming a huge teen sensation and is currently on the way to a major career in singing. Some people say he is the supposed “next Bieber.” He just might be the next phenomenon, but his fans will have to  wait and see.

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