Interim 2014: Think Fast (Improv)

(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)
(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)

By, Brianna Browne

Think Fast… What would you do if you were alone on a deserted island with no food? You don’t know what to say? Join Ms. Uhrenholt’s interim of quick thinking and quick problem solving, and you will be guaranteed to have a fun and interesting time and meet new friends.

“These are creative fast pace thinking type of games, but no MATH. Yet you can use math to help you solve problems in some of the games,” Uhrenholt explained.

When explaining the interim Uhrenholt didn’t want to reveal too much so that way students can’t prepare for the games, but one scenario that could be asked of students is to see who can build the highest tower with just toothpicks and gumdrops.

Uhrenholt likes to see what students can do and to see their first reaction to a scenario, which is why she came up with this interim.

This interim is like a different version of The Amazing Race but instead of using reality TV shows as inspiration it is more improve challenges that you could face individually or with teams. This interim would be good for any class level from Freshman to Seniors and everyone will make great friends.

Uhrenholt, excited to talk about her interim, states ” This interim has a bunch of fun stuff with a comedy aspect and random games that people won’t be able to prepare for. For example a team would have to act out a certain scenario on the spot.”

This will be a new and fun experience for everyone. If you are going to join this interim, make sure you have a growth mindset, you’re willing to participate, and you can be a goofy fun person. Also make sure you can laugh at yourself and all the comedic events that will happen that week.

Uhrenholt is excited to say that “anyone who likes to have fun with different games and making new friends will enjoy Think Fast an we will also be having ice cream sundaes.”

This interim will help students get the skills to Think Fast in any situation. Most students are excited about the interim. Like Senior Nia Bass who said ” I would be very interested in doing this interim because the improve sounds fun.”

Uhrenholt is worried that students won’t be interested as she explains, “I hope students don’t just look at the title and not read what the actual interim is because its going to be really fun.”

But students shouldn’t be discouraged to try this interim. It will be a fun competitive type of game all week that everyone will enjoy.


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