Interim 2014: The Science of Food and Cooking

(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)
(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)

By, Katie Donner

Do you want to learn how science is incorporated with food and cooking? Then sign up for the new interim The Science of Food and Cooking.

Taught by Oceana’s new physics teacher, Mr. Geiss, students will learn how to use science and scientific methods to taste and categorize food for the best preparation techniques for various foods. You will also get to learn the science of smells. For example, one day will cover how to perceive aromas and tastes, and there will be a blind tasting of different foods.

Mr. Geiss’ love and passion for science and cooking will make this interim like no other. Each day will consist of a couple of hours spent in the kitchen with hands on learning, and the rest in the classroom learning about the science aspect. There may even be a field trip to a chocolate factory.

Mr. Geiss learned all this information from reading books and watching different TV shows. With his wealth of knowledge, this is guaranteed to  be an adventurous and thought provoking interim. This interim was created because Geiss, “wants students to learn how to experiment with different foods and know the science behind everything because not many people know or understand it”.

Many students are excited for this interim as well. When Senior Rachel Louie found out about this interim, she excitedly said, “I am so looking forward to this interim, it sounds really interesting and like it will be a lot of fun!”

Since Mr. Geiss has never taught an interim, he hopes that his students will “have a sense of adventure and like the idea of exploring different things.”

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