Interim 2014: Art Studio (Stone Carving and Tile Mosaic)

(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)
(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)

By, Daniel Novikov

There is a new opportunity for young artists at Oceana.

This is because this year , Ms. Pemberton will have an interim again after not doing one for a few years. This year she will be teaching how to do stone carvings and tile mosaics for the first time in school history. Students will be learning how to carve stone and the safety precautions for carving stone. This interim will be taking place in one of the art rooms.

When asking Ms. Pemberton how it feels to do an interim again after not doing it for a few years she said, “ I am really looking forward to teaching students to do stone carving and tile mosaic, because all the years that I taught, I loved doing interim. It is nice to be doing it again this year.”

Pemberton’s passion for this interim derives from her passion for carving stone and doing tile mosaic herself, as she has been doing these for a very long time. She has much to offer the student of Oceana with her knowledge about this type of art.

Pemberton expressed her passion for the art style when she said, “Stone carving is something that I love to do, I am a stone carver, I really enjoy carving stone, and I would love to share those skills with students. Let them see what is possible when doing stone carvings.”

A great amount of excitement is coming from students about this interim. The fact that they will be able to express themselves in their artwork really pumps them up.

Darrien Ricks, a senior, expressed his excitement for the interim when he exclaimed, “I cannot wait for interim. I think I am most excited about how I will be able to express myself in doing this type of art and to develop a new set of skills.”

This is exactly what Ms. Pemberton is looking for, to inspire students, to let them express themselves, and for the students to develop a new skill set.

When asking her what she expects for the students to get out of this interim, Ms. Pemberton said, “What I hope that they will take away is that sense of discovery and a kind of new set of skills that they can then continue for a long time.”

This interim is a great opportunity for students to be able to express themselves in this art style, to have fun, and develop a new skill set that they can later apply in life.

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