Interim 2014: Shadow Puppet Theater

(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)
(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)

By, Bridget Pocasangre & Sarah Marasigan

Mr. Cruickshank thought that it would be a good opportunity  to try something that he is not able to do in his theater and visual art classes, so he he decided to create a new interim this year. Trying it this way, with fewer kids and more concentrated time gives him the chance of completing, what he thinks is, a great form of art called shadow puppet plays.

Not only did Cruickshank think it would be a good idea to try something new besides artist studios, he thought doing this production on campus that involves art will not only be fun and hopefully successful, but it will have a very low donation request that gives a chance for students to participate in something enjoyable without a high expense.

Although Cruickshank says “it can quite a bit nerve-wracking starting out with a new interim, not knowing if kids will respond,” he is confident in what might appeal to his students by  having Mrs. Bookwalter’s sister-in-law participate and offer help throughout the interim. Along with a very interesting story and script, Cruickshank hopes it will appeal to visual and performing artists.

What he knows will be an interesting challenge is trying to have the shadow play done within only a week. Which is why he hopes to have students who are interested in visual arts and performing arts, so he says “one of my biggest challenges will be keeping them occupied in a meaningful activity.”

Cruickshank says he hopes for the voice actors and visual artists to collaborate and help each other throughout the activities. Although even if students who join in this interim may not have much interest in art, he hopes they take away a better understanding and appreciation for something they aren’t very familiar with.  What he is most confident and what students will mostly take away in this interim is teamwork.

“Putting on a play is the best way to teach teamwork and cooperative working among others, and exercising their creative muscle.” So this interim mainly involves the students’ creative mindsets and inventive skills.

What Cruickshank looks forward to the most is putting on the play at an art show. This would be a one evening event involving the FAME advisory, and performances by possibly the chorus and the dance class as well as a couple of individual performances.  He wants to have accomplished a well put together and fun shadow puppet play.

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