Interim 2014: Science Fiction

(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)
(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)

By, Nick Der

For the first time ever, Oceana will have a Science Fiction Interim.

It will be hosted by Ms. Schwab, who is in her first year of teaching.  It will cost roughly about $20, and all you need to bring is lunch every day, art supplies, and a spiral notebook and a pen.

Ms. Schwab states that, “I’ve loved science fiction since I was a kid.  It’s something that I don’t think gets a lot of attention at this school because we’re busy focusing on things that are very important, but don’t really lend themselves to exploring that topic.  So, I thought it would be a really fun opportunity to be able to connect with students who are also interested in that, and to kind of go through different science fiction topics and pieces that have made an impact on me.”

In this interim, students will be able to read, watch, and brainstorm numerous science fiction ideas, create story settings and characters of their choosing, and explore theories and concepts of science fiction.

As a new teacher here at Oceana, Ms. Schwab explains how she feels about interim, “I think it’s a really great opportunity to get to interact with different students about a topic that’s not embedded in one of the class curriculums.  So, I’m really excited about it.  I think that I’m going to meet a lot of new students.  I work mainly with juniors and seniors right now, and so I’m excited to meet a wider range and get to know them and talk about a topic in a little bit more of a low key situation where we can kind of relax and have fun with it.”

Some science fiction topics include utopias, dystopias, time travel, other dimensions, extraterrestrial life, etc.  Every day, students will be analyzing different science fiction topics through watching, discussing, and reading.  Students will use author’s concepts and ideas to create their own stories and story lines.

Ms. Schwab explains what she wants students to learn and take away from this interim, “I think just a better appreciation for science fiction and all its different topics and settings and everything.  Science fiction can lend itself to a lot of different types of stories, and I think it just sparks people’s imagination in a really great way.  So, hopefully students will take away more of an appreciation for the genre and an interest in reading more and watching more.”

Ms. Schwab wants students to get an idea of how science can affect their lives and how it can affect the future as well.  She hopes students will join her interim and hopefully have a better appreciation for science fiction.

Robin Witter, a junior explains, “It seems like a pretty cool and interesting interim.  It seems like it will be really fun and sounds like it has some cool activities.”

Ms. Schwab wants students to sign up for this interim if they are interested in science fiction obviously, and if they love to read and watch good movies.

Marco Macay, a senior says, “It seems like an awesome interim that can bring students together who all share an interest.  I would definitely consider signing up for this interim because science fiction is one of my favorite genres of novels and movies.”

“The thing that interests me about science fiction is the creativity.  It’s creativity based on facts that you take what technologies and ideas, and political and social structures that we have now and think about how might these expand into the future, what might that look like, and what might be the pros and cons of that.  So, I think it’s really the creative edge of it that interests me.  Writers get to take what’s happening now and put their own spin on it and think about what kind of settings could this create for the future, what kind of people could grow and evolve in those settings,” Ms. Schwab happily concluded.


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