Interim 2014: Print Making

(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)
(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)

By, Jackie Mejia

Oceana barely has enough time to get creative with art, so why not join an interim where you get creative and have a fantastic time? Join print making with Ms. Madden where you use a lot of color and get to make any design you want and put it on anything you like.

(Photo courtesy of Ms. Madden) An example of a print designed by Ms. Madden
(Photo courtesy of Ms. Madden) An example of a print designed by Ms. Madden

This is Ms. Madden’s first year of doing an interim. However, she has a lot of experience with print making; she started off doing print making with her friends and soon turned into a hobby.

“I expect the students to have a really good time doing this interim with me. I choose this interim because when I came to OHS I really enjoyed interim week and print making is something I really enjoy doing,” explained Ms. Madden.

Print Making is when you grab a piece of wood and carve anything you like into it. Once you’re done carving it you put any color of paint you would like on your carving. Once that is done you can put your carving with the paint on a piece of paper or a really cool shirt.

(Photo courtesy of Ms. Madden)
(Photo courtesy of Ms. Madden)

 “It sounds like a fun interim and really interesting interim,” said senior Terina  Stull.

Print making is an inside interim and you stay at school most of the time due to the fact that you have to use tools to design your art work. Also it is suggested to wear clothes that you really don’t mind getting messy and dirty.

“No matter how much I try to stay clean I always get paint on my clothes and that’s why I don’t like to wear clean clothes, but it’s a fun thing to do,” expressed Ms. Madden.

Print making is something you can express yourself with because you draw something you really like and then carve it into plates and stamp it to whatever you want.

 “That would be cool to make your own shirt,” Sandeep Singh, a sophomore, said.

This interim offers studentsthe opportunity to have fun making something they design themselves. It’s a way of expressing yourself and you can also wear your own design. Consider joining print making with Ms. Madden this interim.

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