Interim 2014: Exploring the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)
(Art courtesy of Daniel Novikov)

By, Justine Santos

Want to explore the breathtaking Golden Gate National Recreation Parks? Ms. Peters and Ms. Bookwalter are in charge of this new and adventurous interim this coming spring. They will both guide the interim to experience memorable sites, beautiful landmarks, and a whole different side of the Bay Area.

“You can go around San Francisco, the Bay Area, and just enjoy the outdoors. You get to see cool historical San Francisco and just hang out and have a fun time,” exclaims Bookwalter.

Students will be able to visit areas that they might not  have ever seen before. However, having Ms. Peters’ husband work as a cartographer for The Golden Gate National Parks and Recreation, she says it will be an amazing learning experience. “I decided to bring this interim to Oceana because I wanted to show students the national parks, which they might not realize. I like national parks, and here in the Bay Area we have access to these amazing outdoor spaces,” Ms Peters says.

The students will be visiting places like Lands’ End and Sutro Bath, which has recently been restored. Not only will students be able to get a better understanding of the history of the sites like Alcatraz, but they will also get to explore and view places like Sweeney Ridge, and more.

Senior Cheriza Infante says, “It sounds really cool. I would probably join the interim like this, especially if my friends did too. I would also want to visit some of these places which i have never even seen before!”

When asked, senior Giselle Reyes explained how she felt about this interim, “It sounds exciting because I have never been to Alcatraz, and I really want to do an outdoor interim again.”

After exploring and armed with new information, students can expect to enjoy their homemade lunch with a backdrop of scenic views. Mrs. Bookwalter says, “Anyone should join this interim if they are looking to try something new.”

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