What to do on Halloween

(Photo courtesy of Leawo.com)
(Photo courtesy of Leawo.com)

By: Sarah Marasigan and Bridget Pocasangre

Don’t have any plans for Halloween? Unsure about what to do or where to go? If you are not planing on trick-or-treating this year there are many other events that you can attend for this years Halloween, such as:

San Francisco Zoo “Boo at the Zoo.” Dress up in your costumes, bring friends and family and explore the zoo, create fun homemade Halloween crafts, and even take a picture with Casper the friendly Ghost! All activities are free, with a purchase of a regular priced admission ticket. The event takes place only on October 19, 20, 26 and 27 from 11:00am-3:00pm.

Pirates of Emerson at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. Haunted themed park; As you enter the adventure in the theme park, you enter a world of suspense and terror! This theme park now has six different attractions including the Infamous Pirates of Emerson, Fear beneath the Pier, Clown Evil, Hotel Hell, Mental Maze, and the Bumpkin Patch. You can have a night filled with spooky adventures and exotic scenes!

Great America’s Halloween Haunt. This park offers not only many different attractions, but also rides, scarezones, and shows.  Go through the Cornstalkers and Carneval Mazes, take a ride on the Droptower, Firefall, and Great America’s new Goldstriker! Checkout the scarezones such as Underworld Alley, and more. Or watch a scary show such as Blades of horror and Blood Drums. Experience the terrifying creatures and thrills all throughout the park on a horror filled night.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Fright Fest. Experience “Thrills by Day, Fright by Night” with haunted coasters and more zombies than ever. This haunt offers two new attractions including the new Massacre Mine, and the twisted haunted maze. Don’t miss out on this hair raising and spooky haunt, only this Fright Fest will be even scarier than before!


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