Player of The Month: Meagan Johnson

(Photo courtesy of Theresa Gepila) Meagan Johnson getting ready to run at one of her Cross Country meets!
(Photo courtesy of Theresa Gepila) Meagan Johnson getting ready to run at one of her Cross Country meets.

Junior, Meagan Johnson, has joined Oceana’s cross country team this year. Johnson says, “I decided to join because I felt like I needed to do a sport during High School before I graduate.” Since cross country has started, she has loved it ever since.

Johnson finds it is a good way to get in shape being that sophomore year was her last year of PE, and she has worked very hard this past summer to get in shape for cross country before the new year began. She says if there wasn’t a Cross Country team for Oceana, she would have joined track and field. However, with the time and effort she has spent working out to be in good, healthy physical condition, she wants to continue this sport throughout her Junior year and along to Senior year. “Being on a sport is so fun,” Johnson says.

When asked how important recovery is, she says, “For me, it’s very important. Making sure that you have nourishment and the right amount of time spent training, really contributes to success in the sport you’re playing.” She does not feel as if she is the best runner, but with the right amount of practice, she hopes to get a lot better. She also mentions, that with such a supportive team and great coaches, it helps her be a better runner.

Her biggest inspiration is Justin Bieber. “He motivates me to do my best even though I am not that good at running. Although, Justin works very hard to get what he wants, so if I want to get better I should do the same and work hard,” she explains.

Johnson thinks that Cross Country is a great preparation for life. She says it not only build skills and confidence, but it is a helpful in the way that you get a sense of organizing time. She says, “when we have meets, and practices, and also homework on the side from other classes, you know better how to be able to manage your time, and sports do take up A LOT of time!”

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