#TWF Fandom Contest Winners

(Photo courtesy of Denise Hensley)

One of our 3 winners for TWT fandom contest, was Senior Denise Hensley, who decided to participate because, coincidentally, she attended her first 49ers game while the contest was going on. At the time of the photo, she was attending the game, but volunteered for a school supply drive that a company her Mom works for sponsored, before the game  started. Denise says that, “sure giving back is its own reward but being able to see the game on Opening Day was such an unforgettable experience.” She adds that the 49ers are her favorite football team because they represent the city she has grown up in, and she bonds with her family through the same team. Denise was excited when finding out she won the contest, although she didn’t think she was going to win because other participants looked very devoted and so she  felt like the newbie of the group. She tells us, “I wanted those cookies with a passion.”

(Photo courtesy of AJ Carpio)

Another paritcipatant, was Senior AJ Carpio who decided to join in on the contest, because she really enjoys reading the Weekly Fog and she had heard about our contest going on. During the photo, she was attending a family party and decided to take a picture with her little sister because she had been wearing AJ’s customized jersey from when she was a little girl herself. She and her family are big 49ers fans and AJ says her favorite player is Frank Gore. She was thrilled to find out she was one of the winners of the contest. She tells us, “I thought it was cool. I think it’s a good way for people at school to get to know each other a little better, even if it’s just knowing each others favorite team.”

(Photo courtesy of Hekima Butler)

Our last winner is sophomore Hekima R Butler, is a well dedicated 49ers fan who was more than glad to participate and share her photos for the content. She says she was raised on the sport of football, and has been a Niners fan since the very start. The photo on the left is her at the Super Bowl at the age of three, and on the right is her at the candlestick park, after the Niners won a playoff game in February 2013.  She tells us that, “I’m happy and extra excited to show Mr. Weinsten my 49er cookies!”

The Weekly Fog would like to thank everyone for participating in the contest. Stay tuned for more contest and opportunities to win cool prizes!

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