How to Maintain a Healthy Diet






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By, Sarah Marasigan and Bridget Pocasangre

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is very important.  Here are some helpful tips to sustaining your fit diet.

1)      Try eating a well balanced breakfast every morning. It is easier for you to focus if you have had a simple nutritious meal. There are many easy and inexpensive foods that  are high in nutrients, carbs. Some healthy choices include scrambled eggs, oatmeal, peanut butter and fresh fruit;  these can keep you focused and active for your day.

2)      Take Healthy snacks along with you on the go. There are easy snacks that you can purchase for low price or maybe even simple foods you have at home and you can make for yourself. These include nuts (cashews, almonds, etc.) or fruit and yogurt. Both of these are energizing and a good source of protein. Apples and peanut butter is a a satisfying snack that provides protein and fiber as well. Whole grain crackers are also easy to take an snack on the go. There are many more snacks that are very accessible to take along with you, and provide you with workable nourishment.

3)      How you eat is just as important as what you eat. Certain behaviors while eating can lead to things like overeating or eating even though you aren’t hungry. Often, people tend to over eat while watching TV or being on the computer because they aren’t fully focused on eating.  Listening to your body is an important as well. Sometimes it is hard for people to know whether they are actually hungry or not. For instance, try drinking a glass of water to see if you are more thirsty than you say you are hungry. You should limit yourself and eat slowly because it takes a while for your body to realize that it’s full.

These are essential things to keep in mind in order to maintain your healthy diet. It is important to not only look out for your nourishment and how much you are eating, but to keep a positive mindset within yourself. Not only do you need to stick to your diet, but also keep yourself active throughout your day. Keeping yourself fit not only is good for your body, but can even motivate you to make healthy food choices. Every food choice you make counts.   


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