Dear Annie,


Dear Annie,
I am a new Oceana student and all my friends go to a different high school. I feel more alone than ever, I am scared to reach out and open up, what should i do?


Lonely girl

Dear Lonely girl,

As you know Oceana is a really small school, so it is easier to make friends. The more you put yourself out there and are more social, the easier it will be to make friends. Is there anything specific you’re interested in, like sports or the environment? Depending on your interests, Oceana likely has a club for you. Consider joining a club so you can meet people with similar interests. Once you do this, you will be surprised how quickly you will make friends. Be yourself! Don’t over think it and don’t be sad about it. We have all gone through situations like these at least one time in our lives. There are tons of friendly and diverse people. There is no doubt that you will make friends soon. Best of luck for your first year of High School.



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