“Jobs” Movie Review

(Photo courtesy of im CO)

By, Sarah Marasigan
Steve Jobs’ story was not only an inspirational one, but a truly important recognition of the visionary genius who started what we call Apple.
“Jobs” is an attempt to give recognition to the start of personal computing, while stressing a very interesting and unknown side of the man behind it all. Ashton Kutcher really rises to the occasion playing Jobs, capturing the behaviors and real life personality of Jobs himself.
The movie focuses on the young version of Jobs and the start of Apple in a junked up garage station. There is something very inspiring in seeing the early years of Jobs and what started it all, and there are many scenes which give very important events in the history and story of apple.
Jobs is an average film, displaying Steve Jobs’ life changes from a wandering hippie to tech professional. The film settles more for being a story of business success, and an open and intellectual biopic. There is great display in the way Jobs is told and seen, and within the making of Apple.





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