Summer Vacation Ideas

This is probably what most of us have been waiting on the whole year – summer vacation! A whole two months without school. But what is there to do?

Summer vacation is a time to relax, get away from school, and spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, we are assigned summer homework. It’d be best to do all your homework within the first few weeks so you can enjoy your summer without having to worry about that summer reading, which you can find here.

After you’ve finished all your work, here are some ideas on what to do during the rest of the summer:

-Since 100 community service hours is a graduation requirement, summer is the best time to get all of those hours. You could sign up to be a “volunteen” at any of the five different Park and Recreation centers. As a “volunteen”, you engage with younger kids (5-12) by planning games or activities and doing arts and crafts. It’s a great way to build leadership skills, make new friends, and finish your community service hours. Click here for more information.

-A lot of movies are also coming out this summer. The last day of school, May 24, is also the day Fast and Furious 6, The Hangover III, and Epic come out. Start off your summer watching any of these movies after school. Monsters University is coming out June 21,  and is most likely going to attract those of us who grew up watching Monsters Inc. Many other sequels are coming out this summer too, click here for the list of movies coming out soon.

-Staying active throughout the summer is an important thing too. You wouldn’t want to be lying in bed on a warm sunny day. Grab a couple of friends and head to the gym! But if you don’t have a membership for the gym, you could always go out for a run or ride your bike.

-The beach is definitely something everyone has to visit this summer too. Rockaway and Ocean beach are some really nice beaches around this area, especially on a warm sunny day.

-Six Flags and Great America have now opened. These are the only local, but also the most enjoyable amusement parks. Go here with your friends or family and I guarantee you will have the best time.

-If you want to just stay home, you could also have a group of your friends over. Rent some movies from Redbox, make some popcorn and order some pizza.

-Summer jobs are also a really great way to make easy money during your free time. Most stores around Daly City/Pacifica require students to be 16 or 17, depending on the place.

These are just some possible ideas to do over summer. I’m pretty sure there are way more things to do. I hope everyone has a great summer, see you all in August!

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