(Photo courtesy of wallcapture.com)
(Photo courtesy of wallcapture.com)

Tom Cruise holds the floor and screen in the new sci-fi/action movie “Oblivion” and of course handles action beats as well as usual.

The story is supposed to be set in the future after an invasion of aliens which had led to a war. Although the humans had won the war, Earth was left inhabitable. Jack (Tom Cruise) was sent out to Earth to repair the drones that protect the Earth’s vital resources. He is teamed up with Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) who guides him through compute while he makes daily missions to go down to Earth. He finds evidence on Earth that makes him question who is in control and let alone their mission.

All in all the actors do a good job, despite an unreasonable plot. The look of the movie was spectacular, and I loved the creativity that was put into Jack’s and Victoria’s sky house. The start of the movie was enough to keep me captivated and give the movie a try, but the movie just turned out to be silly and dull. There were too many things to question, and the big twist in the movie was a shock, it had pretty much lost me at that point. Not a horrible movie, just something I would most definitely not recommend.

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