To Ms. Scher

By: Jeanette Yue

(Photo courtesy of Denise Hensley ) Ms. Scher standing proud with her mentees on senior exhibiton day. Pictured left to right are Maya Guimbatan, Haley Holmes, Ms. Scher, Allison Kephart and Dante Fernandes.
(Photo courtesy of Denise Hensley )
Ms. Scher standing proud with her mentees on senior exhibiton day. Pictured left to right are Maya Guimbatan, Haley Holmes, Ms. Scher, Allison Kephart and Dante Fernandes.

School is almost over and normally this is a time where students feel relief and elation. Unfortunately though, the end of this school year marks the end of Ms. Scher’s time at Oceana.

The beloved Humanities 9 / 10 and AP Literature teacher is saying good-bye to Oceana after eight wonderful years here. For some of us, she has been our teacher for years and for others, it’s only been one. Whatever the case is, her students know what an awesome teacher she is. 

Ms. Scher has taught and encouraged so many of us that her absence will make a huge impact, not just on Oceana students, but teachers, faculty and most of all, the Oceana community.

She has been supportive, helpful, and understanding. She has been sarcastic and hilarious. She has made class enjoyable and exciting. Ms. Scher has gone above and beyond what a typical English teacher needs to be and for that, she will be missed. A lot.   

Here are what some students have to say about Ms. Scher:

“I’m just glad I was able to have her for all four years and I think upcoming freshmen are going to miss out on a lot.” – Haley Holmes, Senior

“She made English fun and that’s kind of an accomplishment.” – Natalie Nygaard, Senior

“Ms. Scher’s AP class was the greatest class I’ve ever taken. It was so fun learning in her class. I’ll really miss her.” – Amber Jeffrey, Senior

  “I’m going to miss Ms. Scher’s intellectual humor and her great teaching skills in Literature.” – Celine Galliguez, Junior

“She takes our suggestions seriously which is why she is one of the best teachers at Oceana.” – Janice Huang, Junior

“I like how she introduced me to a few books I haven’t gotten the chance to read. Additionally, I’m very grateful that she taught us literary terms and devices that I can use in everyday life.” – Nassa Jumpholwong, Junior

“I’m so devastated that Ms. Scher is leaving. I wanted her to be my mentor. I can’t even describe how much I’ll miss her.” – Denise Hensley, Junior

“She grew on me as time went on. I thought my writing style was great, and she helped me improve it.” – Nekeisha Barnett McNeil, Junior

“Woe is me.” – Derek Shiokari, Junior

“I couldn’t have asked for a better AP Lit teacher.” – Alex Giannousis, Junior

“Ms. Scher was the realest teacher I’ve ever encountered. Out of every teacher I’ve had in my life, she was the only one who made me feel scared if I didn’t do my homework, and also excited for class to start. I want to thank her for allowing me to come out of my shell and letting my creativity glow throughout the classroom. It’s because of her that I found inspiration to not only try harder to become a better student, but to become a better person as well.” – Mary Pascual, Sophomore

“Ms. Scher is an amazing person as well as a great teacher. She’s fair with grading, she teaches at a good pace, and she knows how to control the class when she needs to.” – Nick Mora, Sophomore

“I would say that the best thing about having Scher as a teacher is that she really tries to understand all of her students. And yet, the cool thing is that she’s honest and I really appreciate how she never sugar coated anything because it helped me to grow as a person and a student. I’m going to really miss her.” – Clarissa Eshelman , Sophomore

So, Ms. Scher, we all want to thank you for being such an amazing teacher because honestly, you’ve made an impact on everyone you have taught and met. We love you!

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