The Tale of The Knight Warrior

(Photo courtesy of google images)  Hayhurst, dressed up in his Night Warrior costume.
(Photo courtesy of google images)
Hayhurst, dressed up in his Night Warrior costume.

By: Dominic Garcia

Everyone probably knows about superheroes who dress up and fight crime to make the world safe, but that is only in the movies and books, until today. In England there’s an area known as Salford, which is known for drug issues and acts of violence. Roger Hayhurst was a 19 year old boy who grew up seeing these acts of crime and saw no one doing anything about it so he decided to take action. Hayhurst learned about dressed up superheroes that fought crime through the internet and came up with an idea. Hayhurst got himself a blue costume and some black armor and then became The Knight Warrior. After his parents would sleep at night, Hayhurst would then go and patrol the streets as The Knight Warrior. He would sometimes take action himself or call the police depending on the situation.

In time The Knight Warrior started to be known around in Salford and on patrols some people would cheer for him. Later, he would be featured on national news and became even more famous. A year after Hayhurst became The Knight Warrior, his mother discovered her son’s secret. She was shocked, but she accepted what he did. A freelance photographer named Jacob Russell met with The Knight Warrior and took photos and learned about Hayhurst’s crime fighting identity. On some nights Russell would accompany The Knight Warrior on his patrols, Russell noticed that The Knight Warrior didn’t take much action and tried to avoid conflict. It turned out that sometimes his role as a hero was a way to escape Hayhurst’s troubles.

A year later Russell met up with Hayhurst. By this time, Hayhurst had changed; he has gotten engaged and has basically grown up. Since he’s grown up now, he has also put away his superhero identity. Even though the Knight Warrior is now gone, his actions helped those who wouldn’t receive help. When there was nothing being done about crime in his home, The Knight Warrior was born to help others, and we don’t see that many superheroes anywhere. It’s great to know there was a hero out there trying to fight for peace.

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