The Great Gatsby: Movie Review

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By: Sarah Marasigan

The majority of Americans have studied The Great Gatsby at least one point in their education. As with any movie based on a novel, especially a novel as prized as Gatsby, the movie will always have a hard time standing up to the original. Though for this movie, you must set aside your expectations for the original and appreciate the movie for what it is.

The director, Baz Lurhmann, who also directed Australia and Romeo and Juliet, loves to use scenery and music in his films and that shows in The Great Gatsby. The 3D in the film was very well done. The film is visually striking and portrays an astounding picture of the upper class of 1920s New York.

Although, musically the comments might vary. The film’s soundtrack features many Jay-Z and Beyoncé songs that are mixed in with the well-known jazz of the Roaring 20s. Though the mix sounded very pleasant, the blend of old and new was somewhat distracting. The jazz of the 1920’ by itself would have been more emotional and would have added enough to the movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the great Jay Gatsby, giving a superior and high-class performance. He pulls off the self-confidence and mystery of Gatsby very well. However, the outstanding performance in the film comes from Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan; the other side of the coin from Gatsby.

The plot begins with a sharp pace but twists downward into sorrow.

Would I recommend the film? First consider that the film is based on the 1920s prohibition era New York. Abuse of sex and alcohol is plentiful and the people who “have it all” within the film are a true representation of the time.

The Great Gatsby is visually engaging, but uneven twists in the music and stiff performances leaves the film with an overall three out of five stars.

The Great Gatsby is playing at Tanforan and Century 20 Daly City.

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