Dear Conflicted

Dear Annie,

I think I like this person in my classes and I think they might like me too. We’re really close and we talk all the time. At times, it feels like this person is into me, but other times, it’s like we’re just friends. I’m not even sure if I want a relationship right now… What do I do? And how do I tell if he likes me back?



Dear Conflicted,

First you need to really figure out if you want to have a relationship. There is no point in pursuing this person if you don’t even want a relationship.  If you do decide that you want to be in a relationship with this person you definitely need to figure out if he likes you. If you two are very close, you should be honest and ask him upfront if he likes you. You can never know for sure if someone likes you, but you can sometimes just have a gut feeling, I think your best option is to just ask them how they feel about you and go from there. I wish you the best of luck.  


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