Director of “The Kill Team” Visits Oceana

The burden of guilt is not carried only by the perpetrator, but also by a silent witness of a horrible crime; this is shown in Dan Krauss’s documentary, “The Kill Team.”

On Thursday, May 9, Oceana juniors were given a very special opportunity to exclusively watch this award-winning independent film during their Humanities class. That same day, during third block, the film’s very own director, Dan Krauss, paid a visit to have a Q and A session with the students.

This documentary tells the story of Adam Winfield and his platoon members in Afghanistan. Ever since Adam was a young boy, he dreamed of being a soldier because his father was one. Little does he know, being a part of the military would drastically change his life, and not in the way that he thought it would.

“This is not a message type of film, but if I wanted you to get something out of it, it would be that ‘war is dirty,’” says Krauss. Often, when people think of the word “soldier,” the word “hero” comes into their minds. In this film, the word that will come to your mind will be “murderer.”

In 2010, The Maywand District Murders hit front page of newspapers all over the United States as a group of rogue U.S. Army soldiers, referred to as “The Kill Team” were charged for murdering three Afghan civilians during the war in Afghanistan. The kill team was led by Sergeant Calvin Gibbs and all of them were hungry to kill, except for one. Adam reached out to his father through Facebook to try to seek help and stop the atrocity that was being performed by his colleagues. The big controversy throughout this story is whether Adam Winfield was a whistleblower or a murderer.

This film is not yet available to the public. Overall, watching this documentary and meeting the director was a great experience for Oceana Juniors and teachers.

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