New “Floating” Screen Laptop

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By: Miguel Gacuma

On the May 3rd, Acer released its newest laptop-tablet with Windows 8 compatibility. The Acer Aspire R7 is a laptop with capable of being converted into a tablet. The Aspire R7 has a very unique screen and hinge system called the Ezel™ hinge system. This allows the screen to flip into different modes for different uses. The Notebook mode puts the screen in the conventional “laptop” position. The Ezel™ mode tilts the screen backwards bringing the screen closer to you and makes it easier to use the touchscreen system along with the Windows 8 system. This mode covers the mousepad completely since it is uniquely placed above the keyboard. The Display Mode flips the screen to the back turning it into a tv-like device.  The Pad mode flips the screen around and brings the screen down turning it into a full fledged tablet.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

The Aspire R7 is built with a stock i5 processor (6 GB of RAM, 524 GB of HDD). The screen measures 15.6 inches and has a full 1080p HD display. With its capabilities and features, it is a great conventional laptop and tablet for general uses like business presentations, blogging, and watching movies!

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