Dear Hopeful Boyfriend-To-Be

Dear Annie,

 I like this girl a lot and she likes me back, but I don’t know if I should ask her to be my girlfriend. We’ve already had this “You like me/I like you” relationship for a month, but I feel like if I ask her, it would be too soon. But I really want to call her mine. What should I do?

Dear Hopeful Boyfriend-To-Be,

Honestly I think if you two have already been in a semi relationship why not make it official? You both obviously have feelings for each other, so just ask her to be your girlfriend. Also, she probably wants you to ask her. Girls are often that way, when they invest time in one guy, that usually means they really like them, and she’s probably waiting for you to make the next move.  Do what you are comfortable with, if you think it is too soon then you could be right because you know her better than I do. In the end it only you know when you should make it official, but if you’re ready, don’t waste time. Best of luck!


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