BAM Review

By: Jeanette Yue

BAM, which occurred last Friday, May 10, was like nothing I have ever been to before.

 There was always something going on, a live performance in the courtyard or little theater, an Open Mic in the Bambeat Café, or a dance off in the cafeteria turned art exhibit.

Although there were a few times where I, personally, wasn’t completely interested in every single performance, there was never a shortage of music or art. All night, many talented performers displayed their artistry through song, rap, spoken word, dance, and much more.

Despite the fact that not everyone was on tune, the performances weren’t about technicalities. These young artists showed up and exemplified what BAM is about: art. Whether it was performing or visual arts, there was always a passion and it was clear from the amount of noise and cheers that everyone at BAM felt that passion.

Again, BAM isn’t just about technicalities or being perfect and exact. The most amazing factor that made BAM entertaining and different than any other art gallery or live show is the people who came. Students and parents from all over the Bay Area arrived to watch the monumental event that is BAM.

So, while not all the performances went off without a hitch, that didn’t matter to this reviewer. I was too wrapped up in enjoying myself with friends and honestly, just being amazed at the sheer talent of some of those performers. Everyone had something to share and something to say in their performances, which is what made BAM so unique.  

Overall, the last BAM ever went out with a bang.

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