Dear College Bound

Hi Annie,

I’m going to college and I’m scared to make new friends and leave my high school friends. What do I do? Please help me. I’m also scared that I’m a freshman and people will make fun of me in college.

Sincerely, College Bound

Dear College Bound,

Going to college can be a very eye opening experience; you are an adult and you’re leaving your “childhood” days behind. You shouldn’t be afraid to make new friends! One of  the best things about college, is that you can make as many friends as you want, from different backgrounds and groups. In regards to your highschool friends, it’s possible that you may start your own lives and on the way, lose touch, but that’s exactly why you make new friends. Just think about freshman year of high school, you were new to the school and probably only had a couple of friends, but over the years I’m sure you made many. College won’t be any different. Do not worry about being picked on or made fun of because you are a freshman. Remember, this isn’t high school anymore, you are in a much more mature setting with adults who want to be there. “Bullying” isn’t a huge issue in college. Try not to worry too much, just go to college with an open mind and let life take its course (sorry that was a bit cheesy). I hope you enjoy your experience in college! Remember to live a little.


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