Obama and the Fight Against Gun Violence

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By: Dominic Garcia

On April 29, President Barack Obama was disappointed yet again when the Senate rejected the bill requiring smarter background checks on gun purchases.

Obama showed his disappointment by reminding America of incidents that happened recently, such as the Newtown shooting. These events made 90% of Americans, including families and other people affected by the tragedies directly, want stricter background checks in order to honor those affected by gun violence and to protect other lives.

Even though the proposed bill was denied, Obama announced that it was progress because there was something being done about the issue. In his speech, he said that the senators against the background checks couldn’t give any good reason why they shouldn’t be used.

At the start of the debate on whether or not to have smarter background checks, it wasn’t a surprise that there would be some against the idea. Obama admits that these checks won’t stop all the violence in America, but he stated that if the background checks could save a life in the future, then they had to try. Obama called the loss “a pretty shameful day for Washington.” However, he follows up by saying, “this effort is not over.” Obama still believes that the American people can make changes that will reduce the gun violence throughout the country, as long as we don’t give up. In the end, the issue of gun violence still continues, but so does the fight against gun violence, and from this speech, it’s not over yet.

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