What to do after prom

By: Mariam De Guzman

Many of you are probably super excited for prom tomorrow! You’re probably in a rush to get all the last minute things ready and now you’re probably thinking of what you should do after prom ends. If you really want to do something fun after prom without involving an “after party” here are a few options that you might want to consider:


Photo Courtesy of Mariam De Guzman
Photo Courtesy of Mariam De Guzman

Although prom will end early this year, a majority of the juniors will be taking the SATs that day. You don’t want to be cranky and tired hanging out with your friends after prom. You have two more weeks to see your classmates and then it will be summer! You have plenty of time to go crazy and have fun with them, so go to sleep!


Photo Courtesy of Mariam De Guzman
Photo Courtesy of Mariam De Guzman

We are having a buffet at prom! But that’s before all the dancing and sweating. Many of you might be pretty tired and hungry after all of that. It’s always fun to go out and show off your outfit one more time before the night ends. Here is a list of restaurants that will be open after prom:

Fast Food:
-Jack in the Box

-Purple Kow

Restaurants near the zoo:
-Joe’s of Westlake
-The Boulevard Cafe
-Toyose Korean Restaurant

 More ideas:

The fun doesn’t have to be over right after prom! There’s a few places you could go to continue the party

-Go Bowling

-See a midnight movie

There are many other things you can do after prom, it doesn’t have to be a party! Be creative and make sure you do whatever makes you happy because prom is a day that you will remember forever!

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