Warriors Make it to Round Two

 (Photo Courtesy of gameday) Oracle Arena going crazy as The Golden State Warriors move on to Round two of the playoffs.
(Photo Courtesy of gameday)
Oracle Arena going crazy as The Golden State Warriors move on to round two of the playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors took on the Denver Nuggets for the first round of the playoffs. In the first game of the series the Nuggets took home court advantage. The Warriors kept the game close the whole game. Andre Miller, the backup guard for the Nuggets, had one of the best games of his career. Miller made the game winning basket for the Nuggets to seal the first win of the series. The Warriors lost David Lee, their starting Power-forward, who injured his hip flexor. The Denver Nuggets beat the Warriors (97-95) in game one.

The Nuggets still had home court advantage as they lead the series (1-0). The Warriors had to fight even harder because they didn’t have their All-Star power-forward David Lee. The Warriors came out the game with a BANG! Stephen Curry was shooting lights out. Curry refused to lose this series. Harrison Barnes, Jarrett Jack, Klay Thompson 3 people on the warriors who had 20+ points. The Warriors average 35 points each quarter. The Warriors blew out the Nuggets (131-117) in game two and The Warriors tied the series (1-1).

The Warriors finally took home court advantage. The Warriors love taking home court advantage because the fans are crazy and are always hyped up. The fans at Oracle exploded as soon as the Warriors entered the court because the Warriors haven’t made the playoffs since 2008 when “We Believe” was the playoff slogan. The Warriors kept the game close. Curry once again carried his team on his back scoring 29 points and Jarrett Jack scoring 21 points. The Warriors refused to lose at their home court. Andre Iguodala almost made a half-court shot for the Nuggets to win the game, but it bounced off the rim. The Warriors beat the Nuggets (110-108) in game three. This put The Warriors ahead  in the series(2-1).

The Warriors had one more game at home court before they went back to Denver. Stephen Curry was brilliant – what more can you say about the man? He scored 31 points on 10-of-16 shooting, 23 of which came in the third quarter, and he also dished out 7 assists. Andrew Bogut had his most impressive all-around game in years, stealing the show in the first half with 12 points, including one ridiculous posterizing dunk on Javale Mcgee. Jarrett Jack, Carl Landry and Klay Thompson all registered in double-digits, scoring 21, 17, and 13 points, respectively. Warriors took the win against the Nuggets (115-101) making the series (3-1).

The Nuggets finally got a chance to win a game as they took home court advantage. The Nuggets had to win this game because they were facing elimination. They fought throughout the whole game playing like it was their last game of the season. Andre Iguodala led his team the whole game scoring 25 and12 rebound helping his team win game five. The Warriors had an off night couldn’t get any buckets. Curry couldn’t buy any buckets as he tried leading his team to victory. Harrison Barnes, known as the Black Flacon, tried leading his team to round two. Barnes had 23 points. Jack had 20 points, Thompson had 19 points and Curry had 15 points. The Nuggets forced a game six (107-100), but The Warriors werre still ahead in the series (3-2).

The Warriors took home court advantage for game six. The Warriors announced that David Lee was cleared to play. The fans at Oracle heard that announcement they went crazy because their All-star power-forward had a chance to play. Stephen Curry worked to ensure they won this game because he knew they had no chance at Denver. At half-time the Warriors were down by two. At half-time Shaquille O’neal stated “Curry is going to take off  the third quarter”. In the third quarter Curry came in the game with a BANG shooting lights out at the three point line. Curry and his team didn’t want to lose this game. In the fourth quarter the Warriors had a 20 point lead on the Nuggets. The Warriors started to get cocky because they thought they had the game in their hands. The Nuggets started to come back slowly as The Warriors made several mistakes, but they didn’t let The Nuggets win the game. Jarrett Jack sealed the game by scoring the last four points of the game. Curry has 22 points and Draymond Green had one of the best games of his career scoring 16 ponts. The Warriors beat the Nuggets (92-88). The Warriors won the series (4-1) and move on to round two of the playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors will take on The San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

•Game 1 in San Antonio: Monday, May 6, 9:30, TNT

•Game 2 in San Antonio: Wednesday, May 8, 9:30, TNT

•Game 3 in Oakland

•Game 4 in Oakland

•Game 5 in San Antonio

•Game 6 in Oakland

•Game 7 in San Antonio

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