Division Rivals Preview

(Photo Courtesy of Bleacherreport)Dodgers-Giants head to head commence May 3-5
(Photo Courtesy of Bleacherreport)
Dodgers-Giants head to head

By: Alfonso Diccion

This weekend (May 3-5) the Giants face the fourth place Los Angeles Dodgers at AT&T Park in what will likely be a challenging three-game series.

This game will be a battle of the pitchers and defense, because the Dodgers and Giants both have terrific and hard throwing pitchers who last seven innings each game. It’s going to be a neck-and-neck three game series for both teams and it’ll all go down to how good the pitching is.

In game one it’s going to be Clayton Kershaw vs Barry Zito, a good pitching match-up, but the Giants are going to come out with the victory, 5-4 with a Brandon Belt walk off homer.

In game two it’s going to be Ted Lilly vs Ryan Vogelsong, which will be a neck-and-neck pitching matchup until the eighth when Buster Posey will hit a single to bring in Pablo Sandoval for the only run in the game, then Romo will go for the save in the ninth, and the final score will be 1-0.

Trying to go for the sweep, the Giants will bring out struggling Matt Cain on the hill to face hard throwing Hyun-Jin Ryu. All Dodger fans think Cain will do a poor job on the hill, but Cain will prove them wrong. He will pitch a lights out game, but so will Hyun-Jin-Ryu. It will be a scoreless game until the 12th inning, when Dodgers closer, Brandon League, will give up a three-run walk off homer to Andres Torres. Giants will win 1-0 to complete the three game sweep. All games will be televised.

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