Tips On Having a Fun and Safe Prom!

So with prom just around the corner I was thinking of writing some tips of how to have a fun and safe prom.

DRUGS & ALCOHOL! Don’t do them. Point blank, honestly you can make prom amazing without being under the influence. You may be tempted to smoke some pot or drink some alcohol, but just don’t do it. Why risk getting caught? Because believe me the teachers will be able to tell.  Also prom is a night to remember, and if you’re too drunk to function you are not even going to remember what you did at prom. Having your only memory of prom being you hugging the toilet all night is not fun. Drugs in general are very dangerous, so just stay away from them and enjoy your prom sober and surrounded by your amazing friends.

PRESSURED! We all know that back in the day prom would be the place where girls and guys lost their virginity. Although that may not be the case in this generation, there still may be a chance that it could happen. First off, losing one’s virginity is a big deal, it’s something that you will never get back, if you are thinking of having sex for the first time or just having sex in general you should think really hard about it. Ask yourself “is this something I want to do?” really think about this and think about if you trust the other person.  Do they respect you? Do they make you feel safe? If you do decide to have sex be smart about it, make sure to use protection, the Daly City Youth Health Center gives out condoms for free. Just remember don’t ever let yourself be pressured to do something you don’t want to do.

BORING DATE if you are one of those people who gets stuck with a boring date, I’m here to rescue you and tell you how to still enjoy yourself at your prom. First off,  don’t completely give up on your date. Try to spark up a conversation with them or take them on the dance floor, if that doesn’t work then just be honest and tell them they can go hang with their friends and you’re going to hang with yours. Be nice and thank them for bringing you to prom and that you hope they have a good time. Then you go and dance the night away with your friends.

I hope all of you enjoy your prom drug and alcohol free and safe! Oh and remember try not to get into a fight with a lion – they are crazy animals!

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