42: Movie Review

Photo courtesy of MMXLII Online.
Photo courtesy of MMXLII Online.

By: Sarah Marasigan

I had the chance to watch 42, a baseball film about Jackie Robinson during his first season with the Dodgers, and the violent reaction people had towards desegregating baseball. The best thing I can say is that I want to see the movie again.

The movie does a great job of portraying Robinson, showing his struggle, and how it affected those around him. Chadwick Boseman really gives an outstanding performance as Robinson. There are many scenes that are very hard to sit through, and are somewhat uncomfortable. The movie itself was good, but the racism that had to be portrayed through the film was difficult to stomach. It had definitely made the struggle look every bit as brutal as it really was. Indeed, it is almost impossible to capture all of what Robinson had endured on film, but ‘42’ does an extraordinary job trying.

It certainly does give a balance between the man and the game he played. For those who do not know anything about Jackie Robinson, 42 is undeniably a must see. It does a great job of telling his story. It is an admirable film, and there are not many baseball movies made anymore, so it is without doubt worth seeing.

42 is playing at Tanforan and Century 20 in Daly City and several other theaters.

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