A Freedom House Benefit Concert By Kylie Mcknight

Photo courtesey of Freedom House
Photo courtesey of Freedom House

By, Aaron Patterson

Want to give aid to survivors of human trafficking? Want to help the women who were affected by this have the chance to live a normal life? Well Kylie Mcknight, a sophomore, is preforming a benefit concert to give awareness to the human trafficking problem and help the people affected by it. Human trafficking happens all over the world and most people forget that it happens here in the Bay Area. Freedom House is a non-profit organization that is here to help the people affected by human trafficking and raise awareness to this problem. Kylie will be preforming at the Chit Chat Café. She is playing an acoustic set and admission is free to the public. She will have out a donation box so all the donations will go to the Freedom House NGO. The Chit Chat will be serving their usual drinks so come and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and listen to some cover songs. Kylie is a wonderful and talented artist and all the donations will help and go to a great cause. The Chit Chat is located on W Manor Drive in Pacifica, the address is 5. It is located right on the corner across from the post office. The show starts at 5:30 and will go on till around 7:30, so stop on by and support a local musician preforming songs for a great cause.

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