Spring and Summer Fashions

By: Paige Chartrand

Spring has arrived and summer is approaching. The cold weather is dying down and the sun is out so you can put away your scarves and rain boots and take out your shorts and tank tops. Out of all seasons, spring and summer are common favorites because people can finally wear their cute, warm-weather outfits that have been sitting in their closets all year.

Spring and summer are times for guys to wear their t-shirts and shorts, but for girls it’s more of a chance to display their fashion sense. Girls get the chance to wear their cute summer dresses, shorts, shirts and sandals.

(Photo Courtesy of Forever 21) Casual black high-low dress.
(Photo Courtesy of Forever 21) Casual black high-low dress.
 Some dresses that are commonly worn during spring and summer are high-low, maxi, flare, and tribal inspired dresses. High-Lows are dresses that are short in the front but long in the back. Maxi dresses are dresses that are long and go down to your feet. Flare dresses are short, tight on the chest and flare out on the bottom. Tribal inspired dresses have tribal patterns on the entire dress. A good place to find some of the dresses mentioned is Forever21.
(Photo Courtesy of Forever 21) Black and gold sleeveless diamond crop top.
(Photo Courtesy of Forever 21) Black and gold sleeveless diamond crop top.

Dresses are common warm weather clothes and so are short or no sleeve tops. Some tops to wear during sunny weather are muscle tees, bustiers, cutout tops, tank tops, graphic tees, and crop tops. Muscle tees are regular t-shirts without any sleeves. Bustiers are tight spaghetti strap tops that cut off on the bottom of the ribcage. Cutout tops are tight shirts that may have cutout sides or a cutout back. Tank tops are usually tight shirts without sleeves. Graphic tees are regular t-shirts with pictures or print on them. Crop tops are loose shirts, with or without sleeves, that cut off above the stomach. Any of these tops can be put together with a pair of shorts to create a cute outfit. You can find these tops and much more at A’GACI, H&M, or Forever21.

(Photo Courtesy of Agac'i) Black cutout open-toe wedges.
(Photo Courtesy of Agac’i) Black cutout open-toe wedges.

Shoes are just as important to an outfit as the outfit itself because it can either make the outfit or break it. Sandals are obvious spring/summer shoes but heels, wedges, or even sneakers, like Converse, can be put into an outfit to show off your fashion sense. When choosing shoes for an outfit, pick ones that match the theme of the rest of the outfit. You don’t want to put sneakers with a maxi dress because it may not look as good as it would with shorts and a tank top. Sandals go good with maxi dresses and sometimes sneakers work with flare dresses. Wedges can work with shorts and a muscle tee or a loose tank top. Stores like Cathy Jean, A’GACI, or JCPenny’s have a wide variety of shoes like the ones listed.

Fashion is an important part of a lot of girls’ lives. It allows them to express themselves in their own way and show their personality through the way that they dress.

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