How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

By: Katie Shear

Many people buy wallets at the store, and they can be pricey. Instead of spending so much money on a wallet, you can just make one with any color combination your heart desires.

Things you will need:

  • 2-3 colors of duct tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Plastic or clear duct tape

Step 1: Take the solid color or the main color you want your wallet to be, and cut eight strips that are between eight and half to nine inches long. They don’t have to perfect, because you will trim them down. (Mine are purple)

Step 1

Step 2: Start with two strips, lay one down sticky side up, then take the other and place it sticky side down but only half way on it, so half of the bottom is sticking out. Then continue by flipping it over and continue to place the tape on where the sticky is.

step 2

Step 3: Once all the tape is put together, there should be a sticky part on the bottom or top on the front and the back. Just fold those two strips over.


Step 4: Fold the sheet in half, but leave a little more at the top, then cut the excess tape off of the side.

 step 4

Step 5: Take your next color that you want the trim of the wallet to be (mine is blue, purple and black cheetah print). Get a strip that is the same length of your wallet (horizontally). Then cut the strip in half horizontally.

step 5

Step 6: Cut two small pieces of your second color and put them on the edge of the wallet. Then take one of the half pieces and place it on the same place where you put the small strips, make sure that there is no purple showing when it is folded.

step 6

Step 7: Cut two strips of tape, that are the same length of the wallet vertically, then put them half way on each side of the wallet then fold them over.

step 7

Step 8: Cut six, four inch strips of the color you want the card pockets to be. Take two of the strips and put them sticky side together, leaving no sticky parts showing on the top or bottom. Once you’re done, you will have three sheets. Get a card and make sure that the card will fit, and trim the sides down. Use the card as a guide.

step 8

Step 9: Once you have the three sheets trimmed, cut three small pieces to place on the top of the sheets, once again put it half way then fold the rest over. Place the first card sheet at the top of the wallet, but low enough, that the card won’t stick out of the top. Get six small strips that are the same size as the pockets vertically and three strips the same size horizontally. Then take the strips and tape each card sheet down.

step 9

Step 10: Once those are taped down, take your first color and cut three, four inch pieces. Place two strips sticky side together, then take the third piece and place that about a half and inch on the sheet, then fold that piece in half, so the other end is also about a half an inch on the sheet. Cut two pieces of tape that are the same length horizontally, and one that is vertically.  Place that on the right side of the wallet. Make sure you leave the left side open for a secret pocket.

step 10

Step 11: Now, the I.D. pocket: Take a piece of clear plastic that is a bit bigger than a card. And place it on top of the secret pocket you just made. Cut three pieces that are the same tape as the card pockets. If you want to have your I.D. enter on the top, you will cut one piece the same length horizontally and two pieces vertically or if you want it on the side, you will cut two horizontally and one vertically. Then just tape the plastic down.

Step 12: Take the left over half piece that you used in the beginning, and tape it on the bottom the wallet. Take two more strips that are the same length of the wallet vertically and place them on the sides.

Step 13: Put in your money and cards and I.D. That’s all; you now have a duct tape wallet!

step 13

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