Get Up Stand Up!! Upstanders Project

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

By: Dominic Garcia

Juniors, you may remember the upstanders project from last year. The purpose of that project was to research upstanders in the world, be they people, organizations, or a communities. Now, the sophomore Humanities teachers (Ms. McEnany, Ms. Scher and Mr. Robledo) have a website, courtesy of Mr. Robledo, to aid sophomores throughout the project.

All the research done for your upstander can be turned in on the website itself, which is pretty neat and simple. The information students researched and wrote about would be presented on the website as well. Student Kirsten Dualan did her project on the upstander organization This Star Won’t Go Out, and their Facebook page really liked it and made a post about it.

“Great blog post we just found from a 10th grade student at Oceana High School in California–posted in 2012. Awesome project done by their school’s humanities program!” This Star Wont Go Out Facebook page

Overall, this website is a great way for students, or people in general, to learn about the upstanders in the world. This website shows how our teachers really care about their students’ education. But, as Ms. Scher explains, the site doesn’t just benefit the sophomores doing this project, but it “benefits the world.” This website is out there for anyone to see who these upstanders are and their actions against injustice around the world. “This website has taken this project to a whole new level.” says Ms. Scher.

“I’d just like to say thank you for giving us this project! I’m really happy.” exclaims Kirsten Dualan.

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